Saturday, January 28, 2012

La gourmande

I used to pride myself in having a baby sweet tooth, craving the occasional cookie or brownie after dinner. Sweets were never my first choice. I'd grab the cheeseburger over the chocolate cake. But this baby sweet tooth has evolved into a full on grill à la Lil Wayne. I stop at every boulangerie and patisserie window I pass by--which is conveniently at every corner--drooling over the fruit tarts and fondants au chocolat.

Carbs. The food group that I used to run away from like the plague is now my primary food group. And when I say carbs I mean baguettes. And pains au chocolat. And viennoises au chocolat (essentially just a sweet baguette with chocolat chips. Healthy I know.) I am perpetually craving bread. It must be in the air, like the French breathe bread-insfused oxygen. Well, it is in the air. When I leave my apartment in the morning I smell the newborn baguettes coming out of the oven of my local boulangerie. When I transfer trains I see the melted chocolate oozing out of the pains au chocolat in the subway café. And when I step out of the metro, I resist the urge to stop by each of the five boulangeries in the two block walk to class.

In a city where galettes are displayed in the front windows of boulangeries calling you from the street, how does one resist? They're like kittens begging to be picked out of the window and taken it home, warming your heart and stomach. Don't be alarmed if I become the crazy galette lady.

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